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AssistKD passport options

For candidates wishing to take the full BA Diploma programme AssistKD offers delegates a range of discounted 'Passport' packages.

Passport Option Passport Contents Cost
1 4 Classroom courses + 4 Exams £3,530+VAT
2 3 Classroom courses + 1 e-Learning course + 4 Exams £3,155+VAT
3 2 Classroom courses + 2 e-Learning courses + 4 Exams £2,780+VAT
4 1 Classroom course + 3 e-Learning courses + 4 Exams £2,405+VAT
Online 4 e-Learning courses + 4 Exams £1,995+VAT
Advanced 4 Advanced classroom courses + 4 exams £3,820+VAT

Click on a passport option to find out more. If you have a question, please contact us on or call us on 01844 211665.

Can't decide on which BA Diploma Passport is best for you? Why not try our 'Choose Your Own BA Passport' tool by clicking below. 
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