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Advanced Diploma Passport

To help candidates achieve the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis, AssistKD now offers an Advanced Passport for a discounted price of £3820+VAT. This passport includes the 4 courses and 4 exams required to gain the Advanced Diploma. 

Delegates need to attend at least 1 module from each of the 3 sections below, and then a 4th module from either the Business section or the Analytical section.


Benefits Planning and Realisation (3-day course including exam)

Business Finance (3-day course including exam)


Agile Business Analysis (3-day course including exam)

Data Analysis (2-day course including exam)

Business Architecture (3-day course including exam)

Advanced Requirements Analysis (3-day course including exam)


Stakeholder Engagement (2-day course including exam)

Team Leadership (2-day course including exam)

Once candidates have passed the required certificates they need to submit an application to the BCS which provides proof of their business analysis experience and contributions to the BA community. This costs £595+VAT. 

To book or discuss your BA Advanced Diploma Passport call Chris Martin on 01844 211665, or email

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