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"For me, the e-Learning module course provided a more interesting and motivating self-study alternative to poring over books. Revision can be done in manageable chunks, there are questions throughout the modules and practice tests at the end. I would definitely recommend the e-Learning course"

Heather Shanahan

Assist e-Learning

Flexible learning, wherever you are

Assist e-Learning is a comprehensive learning platform which enables students to undertake business analysis courses and prepare thoroughly for BCS accredited examinations, all at your own pace and from any location.

Combining detailed course content and questions, written by experienced BCS examiners, Assist e-Learning provides a unique self paced learning experience.

Assist e-Learning provides courses in Business Analysis, Agile and Solution Development.

A quick guide to Assist e-Learning

Interactive course content

Engaging, comprehensive and 'clickable' - our interactive course content ensures that you can learn quickly and effectively.

Hundreds of practice questions

Written by experienced BCS examiners, our practice questions thoroughly prepare you to confidently approach and pass the exam.

Detailed audio

Comprehensive tutor audio is provided to further explain the course content and to help our users who prefer to learn audibly.

A flexible course structure

Assist e-Learning's course structures cater for a range of learning styles and allow you to smoothly navigate the course content.

Further reading

For those who wish to read around the course subject or to learn more about a topic, exhaustive further reading is provided.

Accessible from any location

Our e-Learning courses are accessible from any location, providing that it has internet access, across a range of platforms.

24 hour course access

Our e-Learning courses are fully self-paced and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicated tutor support

Our tutors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the course content or examination.

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The Online Diploma Passport

Sit all four courses and exams leading to the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis via e-Learning for £1,995 + VAT.