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Our Free-Learning courses are designed to help you find out more about specific tools and techniques - completely free of charge and at a time and place that suits you.

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Presentation Skills

Whether we like it or not, and many of us do not like it, the ability to plan, develop and deliver an effective presentation is a key skill in today's business world.

This free course looks at planning presentations, developing presentations, speaker's notes, presentation aids, delivering the presentation and the team presentation.
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To find out more about presentation skills, click here.

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation skills are essential for ensuring that meetings, workshops and seminars are effective and to ease the path towards decisions and consensus.

This free course looks at why we need facilitation skills, the elements of successful facilitation, how to prepare and plan for a facilitated event, workshop techniques and the benefits of effective facilitation.
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To find out more about facilitation skills, click here.

Creative Problem Solving

All professionals need strong interpersonal skills as they are a fundamental requirement in any business environment. The importance of these skills cannot be overstated in today's business world particularly in the light of current economic conditions.

This course introduces the concept of creative problem solving, a invaluable skill in the modern business environment. It looks at identifying and overcoming barriers to creativity, the creative problem solving process and provides idea generation techniques.

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To find out more about creative problem solving, click here.

Introduction to BPMN 2.0

Written by AssistKD's Julian Cox, this course is perfect for anyone who has ever drawn a business process diagram and wishes to use BPMN 2.0 syntax to help them in the production of such diagrams.

The course introduces BPMN, explains why it has been increasingly adopted by organisations around the world, before showing how a subset of it's syntax can be employed to redraw process flow diagrams.

The audio element of the course was provided by Sarah Maya.
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