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BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering

Exam Details:

1hr 15min
£250 + VAT
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Examination type

There are two formats of examination in use - paper-based and online.

Paper-based: From 1st January 2020, the Requirements Engineering exam will be closed book, and will last for 1 hour 15 minutes. The questions are based on a business scenario and require narrative answers.

Online: The online version lasts for one hour and consists of 40 multiple choice questions.

Syllabus Summary

Holders of the BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering should be able to:

  • Act as effective members of a team involved in eliciting and recording user requirements for an information system
  • Recognise the nature of the requirements and the knowledge type to which they belong, and to select and use an appropriate elicitation technique
  • Be familiar with a range of elicitation techniques and know how to apply them effectively
  • Record and prioritise requirements, and be able to recognise and help resolve conflicting requirements
  • Link project objectives/requirements to the Business Case
  • Be aware of what CASE support exists for Requirements Engineering

There are no specific pre-requisites for entry to the examination, however candidates should be suitably prepared and possess the appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil the objectives above.


Our Requirements Engineering course prepares you for this examination. The examination is taken at the end of the course.

The examination can also be taken directly.

This is a core certificate in the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis .

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