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BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture

Exam Details:

AssistKD does not offer public examination sessions for this certification. However, full details of the examination may be found below.
Examination type

A closed book multiple-choice examination.

Syllabus Summary

Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following principles and techniques of enterprise and solution architecture.

Key areas
  • Architecture and architects
  • Architecture precursors
  • Architecture frameworks
  • Business architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Component architecture
  • Applications architecture
  • Design for Non-Functional Requirements
  • Infrastructure architecture

It is recommended that candidates have three years experience of IS/IT work including some contact with architects and architecture descriptions


Our Enterprise and Solution Architecture Intermediate course prepares you for this examination. The examination is taken at the end of the course.

The examination can also be taken directly.

This is a specialist certificate in the BCS International Diploma in Solution Development.

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