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Complaints Policy

Applicability of Policy

This document sets out the procedures to be followed within Assist Knowledge Development (AssistKD) in the event of a complaint by a customer.

Quality Promise

AssistKD is committed to providing customers with a professional and rewarding experience when accessing the company’s training, consultancy and apprenticeship services.

Aims of the Complaints Procedure

AssistKD seeks to ensure that a complaint about a customer’s experience is handled quickly, fairly and responsively. We will listen carefully and find the best solution. We will communicate clearly, concisely and with transparency.

Making a Complaint

If a customer is dissatisfied with any of our products or services, the customer is to supply full details, in writing or by email, within 21 days. Upon receipt we will:

  • Assign someone to investigate within one working day
  • Carry out a thorough investigation
  • Aim to achieve a satisfactory resolution within one week

Where this is not possible, we will agree an action plan and keep the customer updated on progress and when they can expect a full response

Customers can contact us by emailing

Receipt and acknowledgement of complaint

On receipt of a complaint, the customer should be contacted within 24 hours to acknowledge the complaint and to explain that it is being investigated.  This may be done by email or telephone call; in the latter case, the call should be followed by an email, to provide an audit trail.

Investigation of issues

The investigation of the complaint will normally be undertaken by a director of AssistKD. All staff involved in the situation will be interviewed to determine the cause of the complaint and any associated issues.

Response to customer

Based on the results of the investigation, the responsible director will contact the customer with AssistKD’s response and, where appropriate, with an offer of remedial action. Again, this may be done by email or telephone call.

The response to the customer should be made within one week of receipt of the original complaint.


If the customer is not satisfied with the initial response, the customer may appeal the issue to the Managing Director, who will make a final decision. This will be communicated to the customer, usually via a telephone call.

Remedial actions

If the complaint is upheld,following the investigation, remedial action may be initiated that is designed to resolve the customer’s complaint and ensue there is not a repeat of the situation.

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