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Business Analysis Service Delivery Course

Master the principles, models, frameworks and concepts you need to build and develop a thriving business analysis service. Designed for business analysts, business analysis team leaders and business change managers, the Delivering Business Analysis Service course was developed by the authors of the BCS book Delivering Business Analysis and contributes towards the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 3 days

    Price: Virtual £1295*+VAT
    *includes BCS exam

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Who is this course for?

Our Business Analysis Service Delivery course is for anyone who wants to create an effective business analysis service framework and build and lead a thriving business analysis service. It’s ideal for senior business analysts, BA managers and business change leaders. 

Business Analysis Service Delivery is also a Business Skills module for the BCS (ISEB) Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis

About the course

Behind every high performing business analysis service is an effective BA leader. Aimed at business analysts, project and business managers and business change leaders, AssistKD’s Business Analysis Service Delivery course equips you with the skills, understanding, concepts and techniques you need to build, lead and sustain a thriving and successful business analysis service with confidence. Topics include resourcing strategy, recruitment, practice standards, performance management, support tools and ensuring service quality.  

This course was developed by Debra Paul and Christina Lovelock, authors of the bestselling BCS book: Delivering Business Analysis: The BA Service Handbook. It is presented by one of the expert training consultants pictured below, each of whom has substantial experience of leading a business analysis service. 


How is the course structured?

To give you an overview of what you’ll learn, here’s a quick guide to the three days of the course.

  • The BA Service and the BA Service Framework.
  • Recruitment and succession planning.
  • Enabling high performing teams.
  • Standards, templates and support tools.
  • BA Service leadership frameworks.
  • Demand management.
  • BA Service customers.
  • Developing a BA Service Charter.
  • Service maturity and quality.
Course manual

For virtual courses a printed copy of the latest edition of the comprehensive course manual will be sent to your home address in good time for the start of the AssistKD Business Analysis Service Delivery course. Our delegates tell us that having access to a physical document is useful as a reference document and for taking notes during the course. In addition, a link will be emailed to you to enable you to access an electronic copy of the same comprehensive manual for convenient future reference. 

Delegates attending face to face classroom courses will receive their printed manual on Day 1 of the course. 

Is there an exam?

Yes. During this three-day course you’ll receive all the training you need to prepare for the BCS Professional Certificate in Business Analysis Service Delivery examination. The examination for this certificate lasts for 90 minutes and consists of 40 scenario-based multiple-choice questions. The pass mark is 26/40 or 65%. A pass means you’re another step closer to achieving the BCS International Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis. 

The Business Analysis Service Delivery exam is taken remotely using the BCS online exam proctoring service.  

Anything else?

A comprehensive course manual is provided and the course can be tailored to reflect the emphasis required by the customer.

What’s next?

If this course is part of your BCS Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis programme, you have a choice of further modules to study including Business Architecture, Agile Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Advanced Requirements Engineering, Business Finance, Benefits Planning and Realisation, Team Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement. 

Full course outline

Business Analysis Service Delivery (a three-day course)

Course Content

Overview of the BA Service

  • BA Service concept and structures
  • The BA Service Framework
  • Value and value propositions

Recruitment strategy and succession planning

  • Business analyst recruitment pipelines
  • The career pathway for business analysts
  • The succession planning process

Enabling high performing BA teams

  • The T-shaped professional and skill development frameworks
  • Communities of practice
  • Fixed and growth mindsets
  • Performance management tools and techniques

Standards, templates and support tools

  • Creating and using standards and templates
  • Categories of support tool
  • Support tool maturity levels and use

Leading and operating a BA Service

  • The BA leader skills and tools
  • Leadership frameworks and models
  • BA Service and resource demand management

BA Service customers

  • Customer categories and service dimensions
  • The iceberg culture model
  • The BA Service Charter

BA Service quality

  • Service maturity and assessment models
  • The quality management lifecycle and techniques
  • Performance management and measurement

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Presenters for this course

Christina Lovelock