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Business Design Courses

AssistKD’s Business Design courses are for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the customer experience and transform their business service offering. You will build a portfolio of must-have skills and techniques which could lead to a successful career in Business Service Design.

  • Analyse your business service offering, looking at services, systems and processes from a customer perspective.
  • Understand the value proposition from your customers’ point of view.
  • Map every touchpoint of the customer journey, across all platforms to better understand the entire customer experience.
  • Use innovative Design Thinking techniques to unlock insights and transform your business service. 


Business Service Design: Explore your business services, their value propositions and the customer perspective.

  • Study the four key strands of thinking behind innovative, customer-centric service design: Systems Thinking, Service Thinking, Design Thinking and Lean Thinking. 
  • Learn about the impact of business services, systems and processes on customer satisfaction. 
  • Identify where changes are required. Understand where changes can be made to improve the customer experience.
  • Master useful Service Design techniques to drive business innovation.


CX Analysis: Transform the customer experience you offer.

  • Discover how a seamless, positive customer journey with touchpoints across all digital platforms engages customers and improves customer satisfaction. 
  • Learn key CX Analysis techniques for effective business design.


Design Thinking: Investigate and resolve business challenges, taking an innovative customer-centric approach.

  • Study this highly creative iterative process, learning how to empathise with the customer, unlock key insights, question assumptions, explore strategies and test ideas.
  • Find innovative and relevant solutions to business challenges.  


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