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Business Intelligence Workshop

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    Duration: 2 days

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About the course

AssistKD's Business Intelligence Workshop is designed to help business managers and business analysts understand the concepts of business intelligence, by examining:

  • What business intelligence is & what it is not
  • What business intelligence means to the business analyst
  • How business intelligence facilitates strategic decision-making
  • What business intelligence means to the business
  • Components of a typical business intelligence architecture
How is the course structured?

The course aims to demonstrate that if business managers are to make informed decisions, Business intelligence is vital. Business intelligence allows decision makers to better understand their business and the environment in which it operates. The deliverables of Business Intelligence range from reporting to data mining - enabling analysis and predictive modelling. 

Anything else?

A comprehensive course manual is provided and the course can be tailored to reflect the emphasis required by the customer.

Full course outline

Business Intelligence Workshop (a two-day workshop)

Course Content

Overview of Business Intelligence

  • Understanding business intelligence
  • Business intelligence defined
  • Business intelligence applications
  • Business intelligence frameworks


  • Types of database
  • OLTP & OLAP systems
  • Data models
  • Conformity
  • Business processes & database transactions

Constraints on Business Intelligence

  • Business constraints
  • Project constraints
  • Technology constraints
  • Data source & quality issues
  • Performance
  • Technology adoption
  • Common mistakes

Business Intelligence Models

  • Analysis of various models
  • Common components
  • Driving out value from business intelligence

Benefits of Business Intelligence

  • Reporting
  • Analysis and decision making
  • Data mining
  • Process improvement


  • Query characteristics
  • Interface characteristics
  • Distribution characteristics
  • Presentation of data

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