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Business Service Design Course

Our Business Service Design course is ideal for anyone engaged in designing services offered to internal or external clients. The course explains and links the four key mindsets required for effective service design and organisational success.

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 3 days

    Price: Virtual £1250+VAT
    *includes A4Q exam

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    Virtual Classroom
Who is this course for?

The Business Service Design course is for anyone working on business change initiatives, in particular: Business Analysts; Business Service Designers (including Business Designers and Service Designers); Product Managers; Business Architects; Customer Journey Managers; Customer Journey Analysts; Business Service Architects; Business Engineers; Solution Architects; User Researchers; Portfolio Managers; Programme Managers; Project Managers and Business Change Managers.

About the course

AssistKD's Business Service Design course takes you through the four key strands of thinking leading to innovative, customer-centric business change: Systems Thinking, Service Thinking, Design Thinking and Lean Thinking. 

The course discusses how these four strands of thinking are interconnected and how they collectively support effective business change. You will develop an understanding of how to apply key business service design techniques.

How is the course structured?
  • Introduction to Business Service Design
  • Systems Thinking
  • Service Thinking (part 1)
  • Service Thinking (part 2)
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Thinking
  • Organisational Agility
  • Course recap and close
Course manual

Delegates attending the Business Service Design course are provided with a clear and comprehensive manual that offers a step-by-step guide through the entire course content. Each delegate attending a virtual classroom course is sent a physical copy of the manual to their home address before the course start date. An electronic version of the manual is also provided to every delegate.

Is there an exam?

Yes. During this three-day course you’ll receive all the training you need to prepare for the examination leading to the A4Q Certificate in Business Service Design. This is one of the mandatory modules for the new internationally recognised A4Q Service Designer qualification.

All delegates attending a classroom, virtual classroom or online course, sit the examination (ratified by global certification body iSQI) remotely using an online proctoring service. This examination consists of 40 multiple-choice questions with a pass mark of 26/40.

Anything else?

Attendees who complete the course are awarded an AssistKD Course Completion Certificate: Business Service Design Course.

What’s next?

The Business Service Design course forms one part of AssistKD’s Service Design training programme which includes courses on CX Analysis and Design Thinking. It is one of the mandatory modules for the new internationally recognised A4Q Service Designer qualification.

Full course outline

Business Service Design (a 3-day course)

Course Content

  • The 4 core thinking approaches of Business Service Design: 

    • Systems thinking

    • Service thinking 

    • Design thinking 

    • Lean thinking 

  • Business Service Design and business strategy execution 

  • Systems thinking practices and techniques including: 

    • The classes and characteristics of systems

    • Reductionist thinking

    • POPIT™

    • Business Model Canvas 

    • Business System Diamond 

  • Service thinking principles and concepts including: 

    • Value co-creation

    • Resource integration

    • Service systems and service ecosystems  

    • Value propositions and value streams

    • The gaps model of service quality

  • Design thinking concepts and techniques including:  

    • The Design thinking Double Diamond 

    • Service safari

    • Customer journey mapping

    • Lotus Blossom technique

    • Scenario analysis and prototyping

  • Lean thinking principles and concepts including: 

    • Quality control and quality assurance 

    • SIPOC 

    • Kaizen 

    • Waste identification techniques 

  • Lean improvement lifecycles: PDCA, PDSA and DMAIC

  • Organisational agility definition, elements and domains 

  • Organisational culture and business agility 

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Customer Reviews

“I took the exam the Friday morning after the course ended… very pleased to say I scored 100%! I think and I can put that down to the clear and practical way the content was delivered in a way that embedded it, alongside the supporting course material which was well laid out.”Anita Greene

“Thanks for a very enjoyable and engaging course. Just this morning we got together to discuss future ways of working and recognised we were referencing concepts from lean, systems design and service design.” - Andy Holloway, Senior Business Analyst, Camelot Global

“This course enabled us to properly understand the four thinking approaches for effective Business Service Design and in particular the importance of service dominant logic and how customer value is realised through co-creation. The instructor did a great job bringing the material to life in a virtual environment and making everyone feel included. The pace and timings were spot on and the trainer was very knowledgeable.” - DVLA

Presenters for this course

Jonathan Hunsley
Jonathan Hunsley
Pete Thompson
Pete Thompson