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Careers Workshop

It’s a big claim to say that a course is life-changing, but this careers workshop could be. It’s a chance to take time out from your busy life to plan a career that’s in alignment with your core values, strengths and passions. If you are feeling stuck, unhappy with your work-life balance or simply unsure about next steps then this course is for you. It could be 20 years’ of difference for a one day investment.

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 1 days

    Price: £375+VAT

    Next available course:

    For course dates and more information please call 01844 211665

Who is this course for?

Our one-day career workshop is for anyone – at any stage of any career – who would like to create a career action plan based on their core values, strengths and passions.

You may be starting out and want to make sure you make the right choices. You may be established but feeling stuck and disillusioned, perhaps you’ve outgrown your current role or feel demotivated and don’t know why. You may be struggling with your work-life balance. Or you may enjoy your work but feel unsure about your next career steps. If any of these apply, this 1-day career planning workshop is for you.

About the course

This 1-day, highly interactive course is designed to help you plan a career and a future that excites and motivates you. 

Take charge of your career journey by exploring who you are through the lenses of personality, skills, abilities, and interests. Identify your core values and motivators, work out what meaningful work looks like for you and develop an action plan for getting there. Learn about mindset and resilience and take away useful tips and tools to keep you on track when life knocks you off course.

What’s next?

This is a stand-alone 1-day career planning workshop. Hopefully the insights you have gained and plans you put in place will make a difference to your career for years to come.

Full course outline

Careers Workshop ( a one-day course)

Course Content

  1. Introduction and insights into why it is important to take control of your career. 
  2. Exploring you and your personal brand. 
  3. Finding your purpose. 
  4. Your vision, goals, and action plan for the future. 
  5. Banishing the Imposter – what is getting in the way? 
  6. Developing a growth mindset and resilience.
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Presenters for this course

Corrine Thomas