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CX Analysis

Take an in-depth look at the key area of customer experience with our CX Analysis course. Learn how to transform business processes and to offer engaged, responsive and connected customer experiences.

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 3 days

    Price: Virtual: £1095 + VAT

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    Virtual Classroom
Who is this course for?

The AssistKD CX Analysis course is for anyone who wants to understand their customers and transform the customer journey, in particular: Product Owners; Business Analysts; Digital Experience and CX researchers; User Researchers; Operations & Customer Service Managers; Project Managers; Business Change Specialists and Business Designers.

About the course

CX analysis is critical to business success. It looks in depth at the customer experience, and how an organisation can transform its existing processes to offer engaged, responsive and connected customer experiences. 

AssistKD's CX Analysis course examines every touchpoint of the customer journey. Key areas include analysing the organisation’s view of CX; the difference between CX and UX and why it matters; customer gains and pains and organisational maturity.

Learn how to tune in to your customers, action your insights and add value across multiple touchpoints to take your customer experience from good to great.

How is the course structured?
  • Context for customer experience transformation
  • Introduction to the Customer Experience Framework
  • Organisational customer experience values
  • Researching and ‘listening’ to the customer
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the customer  
    • Empathy, Personas and Customer Journey Maps
  • Assessing customer experience maturity 
  • Defining actions to address maturity gaps
  • Designing and implementing a transformed customer experience
  • Measuring and adjusting the customer experience
Course manual
  • The CX Analysis course manual is a clear, comprehensive, step-by-step guide through every stage of the course. 
  • Delegates find the printed manual useful for reference and for taking notes. 
  • If you’re attending a virtual course, you will be sent a hard copy by post beforehand.
  • An electronic version of the manual is provided as standard. 
What’s next?

The CX Analysis course forms one part of AssistKD’s Business Service Designer training programme which includes courses on Business Service Design and Design Thinking

Full course outline

CX Analysis (a three-day course)

Course Content

Understand the ‘Why’ of your Business

  • Examine business objectives and strategy with a focus on customer experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Determine the value proposition for all customer segments, ensuring business and customer values align. 

Define the Customer Voice and Employee Voice

  • Develop ‘empathy’ for both the customer and employee networks. Define job roles and create ‘personas’ to better understand customer and employee groups.
  • Research the customer experience in depth, collecting feedback and analysing the data to better understand customer segments and personas and the typical user. 
  • Map out the entire customer journey, including all touchpoints. 

Assess and Measure Customer Experience Maturity  

  • Assess customer experience maturity levels against recognised maturity frameworks. 
  • Examine customer expectations. Define the gap between what an organisation is delivering and what the customer expects. 

Design and Implement CX 

  • Understand the difference between CX and UX.
  • Analyse the gap between delivery and customer expectations, identifying root causes. Decide priorities and generate ideas to elevate the customer experience.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of suggested solutions. Learn how to define, design and deliver system and process changes.

Measure Customer Experience Quality

  • Measure the performance of the organisation, based on accepted measuring techniques. 
  • Ask the question: Are the reimagined processes meeting customer expectations, once a customer has used and experienced them? 

Adjust and Embed Customer Experience

  • Adjust products and services to improve customer experience. Establish this as an embedded, continuous process and a part of the business culture.
  • Make sure different organisational areas own the improvement, to ensure change is implemented and sustained.

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Jonathan Hunsley
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