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CX Analysis Course

Take an in-depth look at the key area of customer experience with our CX Analysis course. Learn how to transform business processes and to offer engaged, responsive and connected customer experiences.

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 3 days

    Price: Virtual £1250+VAT
    *includes A4Q exam

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    Virtual Classroom
    Virtual Classroom
Who is this course for?

The AssistKD CX Analysis course is for anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of their customers and transform the customer journey, in particular: Business Service Designers (including Business Designers and Service Designers); Product Managers; Business Analysts; Digital Experience and CX researchers; Business Architects; Solution Architects; User Researchers; Operations and Customer Service Managers; Project Managers; Business Change Specialists, Business Engineers and Business Designers. 

About the course

CX analysis is critical to business success. It looks in depth at the customer experience, and how an organisation can transform its existing processes to offer engaged, responsive and connected customer experiences. 

AssistKD's CX Analysis course examines every touchpoint of the customer journey. Key areas include analysing the organisation’s view of CX; the difference between CX and UX and why it matters; customer gains and pains and organisational maturity.

Learn how to tune in to your customers, action your insights and add value across multiple touchpoints to take your customer experience from good to great.

How is the course structured?
  • Rationale for customer experience analysis
  • Core CX principles
  • The relationship between CX and UX
  • The CX Analysis and Design Framework
  • Business values, strategy and core CX competencies
  • Analysing and defining value propositions
  • Researching the voice of the customer
  • Representing the voice of the customer
  • Enhancing the customer experience: processes and techniques
  • Barriers to customer centricity
  • Measuring and enhancing the customer experience
Course manual

Delegates attending the CX Analysis course are provided with a clear and comprehensive manual that offers a step-by-step guide through the entire course content. Each delegate attending a virtual classroom course is sent a physical copy of the manual to their home address before the course start date. An electronic version of the manual is also provided to every delegate.

Is there an exam?

The examination leading to the Certificate in Customer Experience Analysis is based upon A4Q Customer Experience Analysis course materials. Candidates’ knowledge and understanding of Customer Experience Analysis is assessed in line with the learning objectives specified in this syllabus.

The examination leading to the Foundation Certificate in Customer Experience Analysis exam consists of:

  • 40 multiple choice questions, each of which has a value of one mark
  • Candidates must gain 26 marks out of the available 40 marks (65%) in order to pass the examination and be awarded the certification
  • Duration is 1 hour 
  • Closed book examination and no reference materials may be used while sitting the examination.
What’s next?

The CX Analysis course forms one part of AssistKD’s Business Service Designer training programme which includes courses on Business Service Design and Design Thinking. It is one of the mandatory modules for the new internationally recognised A4Q Service Designer qualification.

Full course outline

CX Analysis (a three-day course)

Course Content

  • The rationale for analysing Customer Experience 
  • Core principles and components of Customer Experience analysis 
  • The stages of the CX Analysis and Design Framework   
  • The elements of the Business Scorecard
  • Business values, strategy and core CX competencies
  • Using the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps  
  • Value co-creation, alignment and misalignment
  • Analysing and defining the elements of a Value Proposition 
  • The Customer Experience research context
  • CX research techniques including storytelling and focus groups
  • 'Voice of the Customer' research and analysis including personas, customer journey maps and empathy maps
  • Models to represent the voice of the customer, including customer journey maps and empathy maps
  • Organisational Barriers to Customer Centricity  
  • The Five Dimensions of Service and Accessibility
  • Frameworks for UX requirements definition; usability and accessibility
  • Techniques to enhance CX/UX including affinity diagrams, Kano, wireframes, service blueprints
  • CX quality measurement techniques


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Customer Reviews

“I found the course very insightful… lots of discussion, deep dives, learning from our trainer's experience and others from the course. I enjoyed the case studies and real-life scenarios which brought the theory to life the most. Using Mural helped collaboration and left us with a great resource to take away.”Steve Hagen

“Engaging with a good mix of anecdotes, breakouts, exercises, breaks and content. Thank you.”Jenny Lowe

Presenters for this course

Jonathan Hunsley
Jonathan Hunsley
Mike Williams
Mike Williams