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Enterprise and Solution Architecture Practitioner

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 2 days

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Who is this course for?

Business analysts, project managers, solution and software developers and anyone who requires a detailed knowledge of architecture frameworks. Enterprise and Solutions Architecture Practitioner covers the BCS Practitioner certificate in Enterprise and Solutions Architecture.

This certificate is a Practitioner module on the BCS Diploma in Solution Development.

About the course

AssistKD's Enterprise and Solution Architecture Practitioner courses builds upon the concepts introduced in the Intermediate Level course and helps practitioners to create architectural views using TOGAF and other architecture frameworks.

Participants apply their existing intermediate-level knowledge to case study situations. The course examines the organisation and processes required to successfully manage architecture.

How is the course structured?

The course takes place over 2 days. Refreshments and lunch are provided free of charge to participants. 

  • Architecture pre-cursors 
  • Architecture approaches 
  • Business architecture 
  • Data architecture
  • Applications architecture
  • Design for Non-Functional Requirements 
  • Infrastructure architecture 
  • Migration planning
  • Architecture management
  • Examination
Is there an exam?

This course prepares participants for the BCS Professional Certification Practitioner certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture. The examination for this qualification lasts for one hour and is held at the end of the course. The examination consists of 40 multiple-choice questions based on a case study provided before the course. This certificate is a specialist module for the BCS International Diploma in Solution Development.

It is a strict pre-requisite that delegates must have either hold the BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture OR a TOGAF 8/9 certificate before they may sit this Practitioner exam.

If attending a public event it is recommended that to provide continuity delegates should have attended AssistKD's 3-day Intermediate course. Please call to discuss options if you wish to arrange an in-house course for a group of delegates eligible by any other route. 

Please note that both Intermediate and Practitioner certificates can be obtained by attending AssistKD's 5 day combined course. 

Course manual

A comprehensive manual, containing detailed information about the BCS Reference Model for Enterprise and Solutions Architecture, and providing references for further reading, is provided to each delegate who attends this course. 

What’s next?

If this course is part of your BCS Diploma in Solution Development you also need to gain the Core SD Diploma modules, Systems Modelling Techniques and Systems Development Essentials. You will also have had to have already passed the Enterprise and Solutions Architecture Intermediate certificate, as this a mandatory requirement for sitting the Practitioner exam. The structure of the certification is shown here.

Full course outline

Solutions and Enterprise Architecture - Practitioner (a two-day course)

Course Content

Architecture pre-cursors

  • Stakeholders
  • Drivers, aims and directives
  • Goals and Requirements
  • Standards and constraints

Architecture approaches

  • Architecture frameworks

Business architecture

  • Business capabilities, functions and services

Data architecture

  • Data architecture models
  • Mapping data Architecture to business architecture

Applications architecture

  • Application architecture models
  • Mapping applications architecture to data and business architectures

Design for Non-Functional Requirements

  • Identifying, balancing and trading-off NFRs

Infrastructure architecture

  • Mapping IT/IS architectures to Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure definition to deliver services

Migration planning

  • Gap Analysis
  • Defining change activities
  • Roadmaps

Architecture management

  • Enterprise/Solution architecture and operations
  • Enterprise/Solution architecture and governance

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