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Everyday Programming

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 3 days

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About the Course

This is a 3-day show, tell and do workshop providing a primer in modern programming.

All too often programming courses are delivered 'bottom up'.  We usually start with the program 'saying hello world', then we are swiftly exposed to variables, arrays and function statements.  The exhilaration of getting an output soon gives way to despair - what does it all mean, what do I do with it and why is the list of 'things' so long?

Thus, we will deliver the workshop top-down.  This means that we will start with a fully functioning and current system, lifting the lid off the front end to show you the inner workings of the code. 

We will show you how the code reacts to inputs from you in both the front and back ends where relevant.

We will explain in detail what the technical jargon means using everyday language so you can easily grasp the ideas and technology.  This will be done with you at the ready with a machine in front of you, trying things out as they are explained so you learn by doing.  

Once we have a system mapped out and an understanding of what each component does, we will move on to the next tiny steps - no giant leaps for mankind here!  This will take you through the typical programming languages used to create each part of the functionality, always keeping the big picture in mind, so you do not get lost.  We will do this one step at a time, with you seeing the effects of your code as you type.  Making mistakes is a great way to learn, so we are not seeking 'right first time'.

In today's world, there is plenty of ready-made code already available for us to download, often for free.  We will show you some of these, and how to make use of them. 

This workshop will end with us having built a system of our own using code already written, and tweaking for our needs. 

The workshop is intended for those who wish to either embark on a career in software development or for those working alongside developers, but needing to have a greater understanding of their work, such as testers or QA specialists. 

This is particularly relevant to those working in an Agile environment with dev-test pairing.  

How is the course structured?

To give you more of an idea of what you’ll learn and how the course will help you, here’s a quick guide to those three days.

  • Explanation of clients, servers, databases and database management systems
  • First look at client-side scripting using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. 
  • First look at server-side programming using php and querying/manipulating databases using SQL.
  • Scripting web pages using HTML5
  • Using JavaScript to add functionality to the page client-side
  • Writing simple server-side programs using php
  • How to use SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE in SQL.
  • On-line resources to make programming today even more accessible
  • Let's build it - we will put into practice what we have learnt and build a system of our own - designed to show that you can do it.
Anything else?

A comprehensive course manual is provided and the course can be tailored to reflect the emphasis required by the customer.

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