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Foundation in Business Change

About the Course

This course prepares participants for the BCS Foundation in Business Change examination, which is held on the final day of the course. The examination is a one-hour, closed book multiple choice examination tests the participant's knowledge of the Foundation in Business Change syllabus. This certificate contributes to the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, as shown below:  

In addition to covering the full BCS syllabus, this course enables participants to develop SFIA skills BUAN and CIPM, level 5. 

How is the course structured?
  • Business and IT alignment
  • Business improvement definition
  • Business change design
  • Business change implementation
  • Benefits management
  • Examination
Is there an exam?

Yes. During this three day course you’ll receive all the training you need to prepare for the BCS Foundation in Business Change certificate multiple choice examination, which is held on the final afternoon of the course. A pass means a Foundation certificate in Business Change and that puts you one step closer to a BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Anything else?

A comprehensive manual, containing detailed information and providing references for further reading, is provided to each delegate who attends this course.

Full Course Outline

Foundation in Business Change (a three-day course)

Course Content

IT-enabled business change overview

  • The role of IT in business change
  • Four-view model of a business
  • Lifecycle for business change
  • Role of programme management
  • Stakeholders and roles in business change
  • Levels of business transformation
  • Techniques for enabling business change

Business/IT alignment

  • Understanding the organisation and the business environment
  • Strategic analysis techniques
  • SWOT analysis
  • Key areas for business/IT alignment
  • Business architecture frameworks
  • IT governance

Business improvement definition

  • Principles of systemic thinking
  • Gap analysis
  • Content of a business case
  • Options and feasibility
  • Benefits classification
  • Risk and impact analysis
  • Investment appraisal

Business change design

  • Business process improvement
  • Work practice and organisational modelling
  • Business information modelling and management

Business change implementation

  • Planning the change implementation
  • Acquiring IT solutions – procurement and development approaches
  • Roles in business change implementation
  • Organisational and international cultures
  • Communications planning

Benefits management

  • Approach to benefits management and realisation
  • Features and benefits
  • CSFs, KPIs and the balanced scorecard

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