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PRINCE2 – Foundation Course

Gain a thorough understanding of the widely acclaimed PRINCE2® structured project management method. Offered in association with PRINCE2® training specialists Global Knowledge. 

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 3 days

    Price: £1095 + VAT

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    For course dates and more information please call 01844 211665

About the course

The aim of this training is to provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of the PRINCE2® project management method, and help delegates to prepare for the PRINCE2® Foundation examination at the end of this course. 

The course follows the standard syllabus issued by the PRINCE2® Examinations Board, which focuses on the PRINCE2® framework and how this might be applied pragmatically to real projects.

PRINCE2® has established itself as the premier approach to managing projects. 

PRINCE2® is generic – capable of being applied to any kind of project – scalable and business-driven. 

Organisations that have adopted the PRINCE2® have claimed that they have been able to achieve greater customer satisfaction during and at the end of projects, to reduce costs and to realise greater benefit from project deliverables.

Is there an exam?

Delegates will take the PRINCE2® Foundation exam at the end of day 3 of this course. Exam fee is included in the list price.

Anything else?

A comprehensive course manual is provided and the course can be tailored to reflect the emphasis required by the customer.

Full course outline

PRINCE2 – Foundation (a three-day course)

Course Content


  • Background & Objectives 
  • Benefits 
  • Scope 
  • Structure

Project organisation 

  • Organisational structure 
  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • The project board 
  • The project manager 
  • Team management. 
  • Project assurance 
  • Project support 
  • Supplier relationships


  • Purpose and importance 
  • Components & types of plan 
  • Planning techniques 
  • Product based planning 
  • The steps in planning

Project control 

  • Work package authorisation 
  • Stage assessments 
  • Establishing project & stage tolerance 
  • Checkpoints & highlight reports 
  • Handling exception situations 
  • Project issues 
  • Project reporting

Risk management 

  • Types of business and project risk 
  • Risk analysis and management 
  • The risk log 


  • Ensuring quality 
  • Quality planning 
  • Product descriptions 
  • Quality control and quality review
  • Change Control and Configuration Management 
  • Change control steps 
  • Authority levels 
  • Analysing the impact Configuration management 


  • Starting up and initiating a project 
  • Directing a project 
  • Managing stage boundaries 
  • Controlling a stage 
  • Managing product delivery 
  • Closing a project 
  • Planning