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Solution Architecture

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 3 days

    Price: £1295+VAT

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    De Vere West One, London
    De Vere West One, London
Who is this course for?

Solution Architects, Business Architects, Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts and business change specialists. The course is also useful for software, data and infrastructure specialists looking to gain an understanding of the solution architecture domain.

About the Course

This course focuses on the range of principles, skills and activities relevant to the Solution Architect role. Delegates gain an understanding of the key concepts and techniques involved in the development of a solution architecture. These can be applied within either the context of a formal Architecture function or within standalone projects and programmes.

Topics covered include the enterprise and business architecture context for solutions, strategic drivers, architectural principles and domains, stakeholder concerns and change governance.

Presented to you by one of the expert training consultants pictured below, each member of our Solution Architecture training team brings their substantial experience of solution architecture practice to the programme.

How is the course structured?
  • Introduction to solution architecture
  • The Enterprise Context
  • The Business Architecture Context
  • The Solution Architecture Context
  • Information Systems Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Solution Architecture Themes
  • Architecture Governance and Change Management
Anything else?

You’ll also be given a comprehensive Solution Architecture course manual, containing additional information and guidance on further reading. One last thing, this course enables participants to develop SFIA skills ARCH and DESN.

What’s next?

Candidates can select from a range of modules across several practitioner specialisms including Systems Modelling Techniques, Business Analysis Practice, Modelling Business Processes, Systems Development Essentials or Data Management Essentials. A number of advanced level modules are also available including Business Architecture, Agile Business Analysis and Benefits Planning and Realisation.

Full Course Outline

Solution Architecture (a three-day course)

Course Content

1. Introduction to Solution Architecture (5%)

1.1. Definition and rationale for solution architecture

1.2. Relationship between solution architecture and software architecture

1.3. Role clarity and the solution architect role

1.4. Solution architecture within the enterprise context

2. The Enterprise Context (10%)

2.1. Elements of the enterprise change context

2.2. Enterprise architecture domains, principles and the domain hierarchy

2.3. Enterprise gap analysis and the business change lifecycle

3. The Business Architecture Context (10%)

3.1. Definition and rationale for business architecture

3.2. The relationship between business and solution architecture

3.3. Services, value propositions and solution architecture

3.4. Business architecture techniques

3.4.1. Value streams, value propositions, capability mapping, business use cases

4. The Solution Architecture Context (25%)

4.1.Stakeholders and concerns

4.2.Responsibilities of a solution architect

4.3.Defining solution scope

4.4.Solution architecture and the solution overview

4.5.The solution landscape

4.6. Requirements and solution architecture

4.6.1.Requirements engineering framework

4.6.2.Requirements hierarchy

4.6.3.Requirements prioritisation using Kano

4.7. Defining the solution architecture

5. Information systems architecture (20%)

5.1. Information systems architecture inputs

5.1.1. Business Architecture inputs

5.1.2. Data architecture inputs

5.1.3. Applications architecture inputs

5.2. Solution definition in the Business and IT domains

5.2.1. Holistic representation of a solution architecture

5.2.2. Business solution architecture definition and artefacts

5.2.3. Data solution architecture definition and artefacts

5.2.4. Application architecture definition and artefacts

5.3. The solution delivery roadmap

6. Infrastructure Architecture (10%)

6.1. Infrastructure architecture inputs

6.2. The IS solution and infrastructure services: Technical Reference Model; Infrastructure Catalogue; Hardware Configuration View

6.3. Operational service levels and non-functional requirements

6.4. Solution definition within the infrastructure domain

6.5. Infrastructure security and risk analysis

7. Solution architecture themes (10%)

7.1. Solution architecture and Legacy Systems

7.2. Solution architecture and Business Intelligence

7.3. Solution architecture and COTS

7.4. Solution architecture and Cloud

7.5. Solution architecture and security

8. Architecture Governance and Change Management (10%)

8.1. Governance frameworks

8.2. Change management and P3M

8.3. Solution implementation: lifecycles and approaches

8.4. Architecture configuration and change management

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