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Business Analysis Diploma Passport Offers

To gain the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis candidates must pass 4 certificate exams before going on to take a BCS Oral exam. AssistKD’s Passport scheme allows delegates to purchase 4 qualifying courses and accompanying certificate exams at a substantially discounted price.

You can specify your passport in one of two ways.

You can either choose one of our Standard Passport options, which gives you the flexibility to select your specialist modules at a later date, or, if you already know which specialist courses you require, you can use our Passport Builder to tailor your programme to your exact specification.

Standard Passports

AssistKD offers the following standard options:

Option What you will get Cost

4 Classroom courses + 4 Exams


3 Classroom courses + 1 e-learning course + 4 Exams


2 Classroom courses + 2 e-learning courses + 4 Exams


1 Classroom course + 3 e-learning courses + 4 Exams


4 e-learning courses + 4 Exams


4 Advanced classroom courses + 4 exams


Passport Builder

Our fully flexible passport builder, shown below, enables delegates to choose from AssistKD’s unrivalled range of classroom and online learning options and build your own tailored Diploma programme.

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis