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The Top 10 BA2017 Takeaways
The top ten BA2017 takeaways

The BA Conference Europe 2017 is over. Here at AssistKD, we are all exhausted after three days of workshops, presentations and general discussion but we are all so pleased to have been there. While it is fresh in our minds, we thought about the key messages and takeaways gleaned from three days of solid business analysis chat. So, here they are (with thanks to the presenters and participants for provoking these thoughts):

  • Attitude can move mountains – or even help you to climb a mountain (Miles Hilton-Barber).
  • Business analysis is the ‘world’s best kept secret’ - the BA community should change this and gain renown and recognition (Debbie Paul).
  • You have unique transferable skills and should use them to achieve your dreams (Graeme Simsion).
  • Control stakeholder (and your) emotions using Woosah – it works! (Charlie Payne).
  • Data can be collected and used in different and unexpected ways (Maggie Philbin).
  • Always keep the end in mind and focus on your desired outcomes (Jonathan Hunsley).
  • BAs can do so much when they put their mind to it – it really is a discipline that crosses boundaries (Claire Ward and Lauren Wagstaff).
  • Are you still relevant? If not, what are you going to do about it? (Michael Noonan).
  • Who knew BAs would love a toolkit so much? (AssistKD).

Roll on BA2018!

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