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The top ten #BA2018 takeaways
The top ten #BA2018 takeaways

The BA Conference Europe 2018 is over. Here at AssistKD, we are all exhausted after three days of workshops, presentations and general discussion but we are all so pleased to have been there. While it is fresh in our minds, we thought about the key messages and takeaways gleaned from three days of solid business analysis chat. So, here they are (with thanks to the presenters and participants for provoking these thoughts):

  1. We all have two ears and one mouth. Let’s use them in that proportion and communicate with real purpose (Suzanne Williams)
  2. Saying you are “Just a BA” is thinking you’re the bottom of the pile. If you don’t see yourself as important no-one else will either (Christina Lovelock)
  3. You need to ‘find your calling’ and ‘develop killer capabilities’ (Craig Rollason)
  4. It’s important to be a sponge not a rock (Sir Clive Woodward)
  5. The TCUP principle – Thinking Clearly Under Pressure (Sir Clive Woodward)
  6. Notice one positive each day to help you balance your emotions! (Corrine Thomas)
  7. Don’t focus on the pains, don’t focus on the gains, focus on the job. (David Strachan)
  8. Work within the team and work for the team (Sophie Montagne)
  9. IQ is important to an extent, but true endurance or fortitude comes from development and management of emotional intelligence (EQ) (Philippa Thomas/Richard Moxham)
  10. Business Analysts lead from the middle (David Beckham)

….and as a twitter follow up from Darren Moorghen:

Learnt lots chatted lots and ate lots Now for home Thanks for having us We’ll be back


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