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BA Brew

Time for a Brew! AssistKD's BA Brew podcast, out fortnightly, is where our Brew crew and special guests talk all things Business Analysis. Tune in for lively discussion covering a wide range of subjects from the use of business analysis tools and techniques to books helpful to BA professionals. Each podcast is approximately 20 minutes long, exactly the right length of time to enjoy a well deserved break with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee.

The BA Brew podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

You can also find a dedicated playlist for the BA Brew on AssistKD's YouTube channel.

BA Brew 74: Black-Belt Business Analysis (Feat. Daniel Squire)

@Daniel Squire and @Jonathan Hunsley are passionate about business analysis… and martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo respectively). In this fascinating BA Brew, they discuss some of the misconceptions about martial arts and the many parallels between the disciplines.  

Topics include: situational awareness; control, discipline and practice; inclusivity and respect... and much more.  

Daniel Squire is Principal Business Analyst at Just Eat. 

If you enjoyed this BA Brew you may be interested in ‘The Black Belt BA’ article in our Learning Zone, based on a talk of the same name given by Jonathan Hunsley. 

And you can find Daniel Squire’s article ‘Mind Meets Mat: The Digital Dojo’ here. 


BA Brew 73: The Benefits of the In-house Consultant (feat. Liz Calder)

In... or out? This BA Brew looks at the differences and common ground between the in-house and the external BA consultant roles. Our special guest is Liz Calder, highly experienced BA and IIBA UK Chapter President. Topics covered include: different agreements and expectations; skills sets; organisational culture and implicit rules; organisational knowledge; financial considerations; investing in your skills and knowledge... and much more.

BA Brew 72: The institutionalised BA (feat. Chris Pyatt)

When business analysts work at one organisation for a long time, they can lose sight of their value and transferable skills. They may even find it difficult to move on. In this BA Brew Chris Pyatt talks about how BAs can regain their professional confidence.

Topics covered include: the ‘comfort zone’ of subject matter expertise; the skills you have which you may take for granted; taking the ‘leap of faith’; engaging with the BA community; the value of training, certification and mentoring and much more.

Chris Pyatt, BA at DWP Digital, first talked about ‘The Institutionalised BA at the BA Conference Europe 2023.


BA Brew 71: Neurodiversity: The BA Survival Guide (Feat. Nicola Pinkney & Paul Haywood)

Neurodiversity is a word we hear, but how much do we really understand it and recognise neurodivergence in ourselves and others? Only by better understanding can we support and champion people with neurodiversity and appreciate what they can offer the BA community. In this awareness-raising BA Brew, guests Nicola Pinkney and Paul Haywood share some personal insights and helpful tips.  

You can find AssistKD’s recent article based on Nicola and Paul’s inspiring talk at BA Conference Europe 2023 here.

Helpful organisations:  

Daisy Chain (Autism and Neurodiversity Support)

Mind (Mental Health Charity)

S4Nd (Society for Neurodiversity)

The Brain Charity (Neurological Support)


BA Brew Trailer

AssistKD's BA Brew podcast launched on Friday 20th November 2020 and is released every two weeks, on a Friday. Tune in for relaxed, informal discussions on a wide range of topics relevant to business change professionals.