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BA Brew

AssistKD’s new BA Brew podcast is now up and running. Our podcast is a chance to tune into our musings on a range of subjects from the use of business analysis tools and techniques to the books we like that are helpful for BA professionals.

The BA Brew podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

BA Brew Episode 7: The Failure Falsehood

“Failing fast” has become part of management speak but does this mindset serve any real purpose? In this episode our intrepid trio discuss the better approach of test and learn where there is an opportunity to reflect and find ways forwards. Listen out for the Rice Krispie incident – one not to be missed.


BA Brew Episode 6: The Virtual Facilitator (Feat. David Beckham)

In BA Brew Episode 6 the hot topic of virtual facilitation is up for discussion. Lots to think about including the preparation, hard work, behaviours and props required for effective facilitation. Expect a few gems from David Beckham along the way including Celebrity Squares and his Depeche Mode moment…..


BA Brew Episode 5: The Networking Nuance

In our latest podcast, we discuss the joys and perils of networking both in face to face and virtual environments. There are top tips and important watch words along the way for people from all backgrounds. Listen on!


BA Brew Episode 4 The Value Fallacy

If you were thinking “value” is a word you can bandy around loosely, think again! In our latest podcast we provide that stop and think moment to properly consider the real essence of value and what it means for organisations and customers. You can then appreciate more clearly how value is truly co-created and the critical role the business analyst has to play in this process. Listen on….

BA Brew Episode 3: The WFH Challenge


In our latest podcast the many joys, perils, frustrations and practicalities of working from home are openly discussed. Expect a useful share of experience and who knew virtual charades was a thing! Happy listening.

BA Brew Episode 2: The RACI Rant

In our latest podcast passions run high as the panel extol the virtues and share their frustrations of how undervalued this technique is. **Listener Guidance** this talk is not for the faint-hearted BA practitioner. Listen on!

BA Brew Episode 1: Who Moved My Cheese? By Dr Spencer Johnson

In our first broadcast we discuss “Who moved my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. It’s the seminal text to challenge “the way things have always been done around here” and perhaps offers a timely prompt to rethink how we adapt to radical change. We also discuss how this parable plays out in the role of the business analyst. Lots to pack into 20 minutes. We enjoyed our discussion, hope you do too.

The BA Brew Trailer

A trailer for AssistKD's BA Brew podcast, which is launching on Friday 20th November at 1030. Tune in to hear informal discussions about various topics relevant to business change professionals.


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