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E.g., 2021-01-18
E.g., 2021-01-18

If you have ever experienced an organisation or team that struggles with decisions, outcomes, communication, empowerment or collaboration then you may have experienced a RACI issue. For this reason, I believe that RACI is the most undervalued technique in business, let alone business change. 

Let’s start by defining the technique: 

The world has changed; and at the time of writing it seems unlikely that it will be changing back any time soon.

It is interesting to see how powerful techniques from business analysis and project/change management can be when applied thoughtfully. OSCAR, a framework for creating a project initiation document (terms of reference) for a project, is a good example. 

A common challenge that emerges when pursuing change in organisations is that of illusory agreement. This can manifest itself in many ways, and it’s likely that you will have experienced it yourself.

This year’s BA Conference Europe was certainly different...

BA Manager Forum

Last November, BA practice leaders attended a BA Manager Forum event to discuss what should constitute a leadership code for the profession...

David Beckham

The majority of businesses who share their vision/values/mission statement with the wider world invariably include a statement about the customer...

There are a growing number of professional communities across the globe dedicated to business analysis...

Business Analysts often work on projects and programmes that span organisational and national boundaries...

This article is focussed on exploring these myths surrounding the BCS International Diploma Oral Exam...


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