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The Business Alchemist's Blog

Don’t miss the BA Blog. Search for business analysis, business change and service design topics that interest you. Topical discussion, industry insights, new perspectives and some stellar use of alliteration. 

E.g., 2023-12-09
E.g., 2023-12-09

When issues are found with a process or system, it can be interesting to ask: “who owns this?” In this blog, we explore the role of the business analyst as an ‘orchestrator of ownership’, calling out problem areas not currently owned so that issues can be resolved.

Whether spoken, drawn or written, communication with stakeholders can be a minefield for the BA when misunderstandings arise. This BA Blog discusses how we can make sure everybody is on the same page.

Personas are a powerful tool, but only when they are researched properly and used intelligently. This BA Blog explores the concept of Personas – and gives some examples of good and bad practices.

When designing services, everybody wants to know what customers want and need. However some elements of the user researcher's role overlap with business analysis. Our latest BA Blog discusses how user researchers and business analysts can work together, avoiding duplicated effort, conflict and contradiction.

As a business analyst, are you paying enough attention to the financial implications of business processes? This BA Blog argues the case for brushing up your business finance skills.

Have you ever set yourself a New Year’s resolution for some big, transformational change in your life... only to give up within weeks? In this first BA Blog of 2023, owe look at the benefits of making small incremental changes and creating a self-paced, manageable development plan.

How much knowledge is ‘just enough’, and how much is too much? This BA Blog discusses how, when dealing with large amounts of business information, business analysts can get the balance right...

Have you ever heard the phrase: “But we’ve always done it that way?” It sends a chill down the spine, doesn’t it? This BA Blog discusses the usefulness of POPIT™ and the importance of stakeholder engagement, taking a lighthearted look at some of the warning signs to look out for when defining or refining processes.

A good BA never stops learning. This BA Blog looks at how curious BAs can expand their toolkits, keep up with emerging trends and build on their learning with purposeful practice.

If you think you are too busy to build a professional network, think again. This BA Blog lists the advantages of networking for your career and professional development, for your organisation and for the wider BA community.