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Reimagining the POPIT Model

The POPIT™ model has been used extensively during business analysis work for different reasons:

  • During the investigation of potential changes, it provides an analysis framework, highlighting the areas where problems and/or opportunities for improvement may be found.
  • During the definition and development of solutions, it indicates the areas in which changes may be needed and helps to identify the projects within the overall change programme.

The People Element of the POPIT Model moved to Centre Stage

POPIT is also useful when deploying the changes into a business area, in particular to determine where there are impacts that need to be considered if the changes are to be permanent and effective. However, during the transition from the current to the target situation, the focus of POPIT needs to change. While changes to the Process, Information and Technology elements will be the main concern during solution definition and development, the People element comes to the fore when planning and executing the deployment of the solution. This change in focus is vital because change initiatives often succeed – or fail – according to how well the people affected are involved, informed, engaged and energised. The reimagined POPIT model shows the People element moved to centre stage, reflecting the shift in emphasis needed to execute change deployment successfully.




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