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E.g., 2021-12-06
E.g., 2021-12-06

In the league table of useability Rich Pictures is a high scoring technique. As with all useful tools it's still wise to read the instructions and our latest blog provides some light touch guidance for the skilled practitioner. Read on...

In our latest blog we provide a timely reminder of the "C" in CATWOE; the customer. I'm not sure the customer is always right, but...

Few things in life are as simple as they first appear, and this seems particularly true in the world of business analysis. Many a project has been underestimated as being a “quick, simple change” when in reality it’s a hugely complex undertaking.

Over the years, the BA profession has shifted from using the term "requirements gathering" towards the preferred term "requirements elicitation"...

When many of us find ourselves with increased screen time, we look at the conundrum of providing printed course manuals. Lots to ponder and some useful research along the way. 

The business analysis toolkit is extremely broad and one of the challenges can be choosing the best set of techniques for a particular context...

In our latest blog we extol the virtues of making time to think. For business analysts this time is required to consider all perspectives and available options. It’s also an opportunity to consider and decide on the best approach or technique to use...


In National Apprenticeship Week we wanted to give you our updated take on the Business Analysis Apprenticeship. Surprising now to think that the scheme went live in March 2017. Nearly 4 years on and the scheme is widely judged to be an overwhelming success with over 1000 apprentices choosing to progress their BA career in this way.

If you have ever experienced an organisation or team that struggles with decisions, outcomes, communication, empowerment or collaboration then you may have experienced a RACI issue. For this reason, I believe that RACI is the most undervalued technique in business, let alone business change. 

Let’s start by defining the technique: 

The world has changed; and at the time of writing it seems unlikely that it will be changing back any time soon.


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