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On this page, we will be posting videos created by our experts.

What is the SARAH Curve?

This short video looks at the SARAH curve, the five key emotions typically experienced during a time of change. Every Business Analyst knows that negative reaction to change can lead to resistance, undermining of progress and even resignations. Acknowledging how staff and stakeholders are feeling and being sensitive to these feelings is the first step towards helping them to navigate change.


Talking Heads - Empathy Maps

Our free-learning video provides insights on empathy mapping, an important element in human-centred design. It’s a simple yet effective way to stand in a customer’s shoes and understand the thoughts and feelings that underpin what they say and do. This is just one of the many techniques explored in our Customer Experience Analysis course.


Talking Heads - CATWOE

CATWOE is a technique many of us use intuitively every day because we recognise how much it helps when we reflect on stakeholder perspectives and accountability. This technique is not in everyone’s top ten but, with so much focus on the importance of working effectively with stakeholders, it’s timely to have a reminder of how relevant it can be and the great insights it affords.

What are Rich Pictures?

This short video discusses how Rich Pictures work and why they are an extremely useful discovery technique.


What is Payback?

This is particularly useful when taking our Commercial Awareness course.


What is Power/Interest Stakeholder Analysis?

This short video looks at a key technique for analysing stakeholders known as the power/interest grid.


What is Customer Experience?

In the digital age, it has become critical to understand more about our customers and what motivates, delights and even annoys them. So what is customer experience, and why is it important?


What are Fishbone Diagrams?

This short video discusses Fishbone diagrams and how they can be used.

What are Mind Maps?

This short video discusses mind maps and how they can be used.

What is Force-field Analysis?

This short video discusses force-field analysis and how it can be used.


What is IRR?

In this video, we look at the concept of IRR (Internal Rate of Return), how it works and its relationship with NPV (Net Present Value).

What it takes to enjoy a successful career in Business Analysis

Lawrence Darvill visited the BGL Group to offer his views on what it takes to enjoy a successful career in Business Analysis. Lawrence’s background is in BA Recruitment and he ended his talk on Career Planning with the following advice for anyone embarking on a career in our profession.


What is the Tuckman Model?

This short video explains what the Tuckman Model is.


What is PESTLE Analysis?

Trying to evaluate your external environment? 

Then you need PESTLE!


In this video, we explain more about this important part of the Business Analyst's toolkit.

What is CATWOE?

This video explains the concept of CATWOE and looks at how this can be used in analysing the Business System.


What is Discounted Cash Flow?

Have a look at our overview of what Discounted Cash Flow is, how to work it out and how it can be used by organisations.

What is SWOT analysis?

This video introduces the concept of the SWOT analysis and looks at how it influences understanding of the strategic position of an organisation. It then moves on to consider how SWOT can be used to fulfill a TOWS matrix and inform the strategic direction of the organisation.

What is the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis?

This short video gives an overview of the diploma scheme and breaks down the requirements to help you make the right choices when taking the required courses.

What is the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis?

This short video explores the background and the content of the new BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

What is Agile?

Looking at the principles, techniques, methods and frameworks of Agile.

What is Business Architecture?

This is particularly useful when taking one of our Architecture courses.


What is Enterprise Architecture?

AssistKD's Julian Cox gives a comprehensive introduction to Enterprise Architecture: what it is, how it's defined and how it has grown to be an essential part of the modern day business. 

The SARAH Model

Check out our SARAH model animation which shows the stages people go through when they are involved in any change process.


What does it take to be BA of the year?

In this video you'll hear more about the Award itself, how the judging process works, and how to apply. You'll also hear real-world insights from two BA of the Year Award winners.

Business Analysis - the third wave

AssistKD's Debra Paul considers the challenges this will present to practising business analysts now and in the future.


IIBA UK Women in Technology

AssistKD's Debbie Paul was part of the UK IIBA's panel discussion on Women in Technology.


The Importance of Business Architecture

AssistKD's Paul Turner giving his keynote speech at the Req Labs conference in Kiev.


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