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BCS Certificate in Systems Design Techniques

Exam Details:

1hr 15min
£245 + VAT
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De Vere West One, London
De Vere West One, London
De Vere West One, London
Examination type

1 hour open-book, scenario-based examination preceded by 15 minutes reading time.

Syllabus Summary

Holders of the BCS Certificate in Systems Design Techniques should be able to:

  • Explain the role and objectives of systems design and implementation in the systems development life cycle
  • Design effective input and output design
  • Construct a usable user interface (HCI)
  • Normalise a restricted set of inputs and outputs and produce a Third Normal Form data model
  • Create detailed specifications for selected update and read-only processes
  • Understand and apply the principles of security, confidentiality and privacy
  • Explain and apply the principles of physical design
  • Describe the role of testing in systems design
  • Describe and evaluate different methods of implementation
  • Analyse training needs and select an appropriate training method
  • Describe a range of post-implementation issues

There are no specific pre-requisites for entry to the examination, however candidates should be suitably prepared and possess the appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil the objectives above.


Our Systems Design Techniques course prepares you for this examination. The examination is taken at the end of the course.

The examination can also be taken directly.

This is a specialist certificate in the BCS International Diploma in Solution Development.

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