Business architecture skills are important for business analysts, project managers, business managers, and business change specialists – anyone who requires a thorough understanding of business architecture frameworks.  

AssistKD offers two business architecture courses: Business Architecture and Foundation in Architecture Concepts and Domains. Our expert training consultants have substantial experience of business architecture and solution development projects. 

A business architect develops a holistic, integrated view of an organisation and its capabilities, structure, products and value offering. Their perspectives and insights inform governance, the development of plans and strategies, process design, systems development, information management, change deployment and key business decisions. They can help an organisation transform how they communicate, collaborate and manage initiatives. 

Business architecture uses recognised processes and techniques to: 

  • Provide clarity and common understanding amongst stakeholders of what the organisation does and how it does this.  

  • Provide a basis for informed strategic and tactical decision making.  

  • Provide the opportunity for the organisation to leverage its capabilities in pursuit of its chosen strategic priorities.