AssistKD consultants are experienced business change professionals who have extensive knowledge and expertise. 

AssistKD’s portfolio of consultancy services are designed to improve and extend an organisation’s business improvement and analysis capability, enabling the delivery of effective and relevant business services. Specifically, the value propositions offered by the AssistKD consultancy services are:

  • Improved evaluation of project validity and return on investment.
  • Increased stakeholder engagement and ‘buy in’ to change projects.
  • Reduction in rework and increased reuse of change artefacts and solutions.
  • Enhanced recognition and credibility for the BA/business change services.
  • Greater consistency and standardisation of project approach.


Our portfolio of business consultancy services

AssistKD consultants support and enable organisations to define their BA services, understand the service approach and apply service thinking to the BA work. Specific activities include:

  • Clarifying the services needed by the organisation.
  • Creating and defining a service portfolio.
  • Communicating the services and their value propositions to internal customers.
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses and capability gaps.
  • Clarifying how the BA services may be applied and adapted to a given context.
  • Creating opportunities to promote the BA Service.
  • Building confidence within the BA team.
  • Providing a basis for continuous service improvement.

AssistKD consultants work with organisations to develop relevant Skills Frameworks that support performance management and professional development. Each Skills Framework is tailored to the organisational context and is designed to link the requirements of the organisation with the relevant competencies, standards and qualifications.

AssistKD’s Performance Development Model™ is applied in the delivery of this service.

AssistKD consultants apply their service design knowledge and expertise to develop relevant role definitions for business change professionals. The T-shaped professional concept is used to identify the broad collaboration and business skills, and the specialist role skills.

AssistKD consultants undertake a detailed assessment to determine the maturity of a Business Analysis Practice/Service. Each assessment delivers:

  • a comprehensive Maturity Assessment Matrix stating the current status of the organisation's business analysis capability in the light of pre-defined assessment criteria;
  • the target maturity state and recommended actions to achieve this state.

AssistKD is a Matthew Syed Consulting accredited partner offering consultancy services related to Mindset Advantage. This revolutionary new growth mindset programme helps individuals and teams gain important insight into their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and identify the actions needed to build a growth mindset and organisational culture. Key deliverables are:

  • A personal self-development report for each participant, identifying their personal strengths and providing practical development actions to unlock their potential.
  • An optional Team Mindset report for teams of 7 or more people that provides additional insights, with in-depth and actionable data on team strengths and potential barriers to growth.
  • An Organisational Culture report, measuring the culture of the organisation against performance benchmarks and identifying how to foster an environment where individuals can maximise their potential.

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