AssistKD was formed in 1986 by Steve Skidmore and Mike Crawford. Their shared vision was to create a company that engaged experienced, knowledgeable specialists to help their customers develop business and systems improvement skills through the practical application of techniques.

This experiential learning approach continues to be the basis for all AssistKD training to the present day. 

Like-minded professionals have since joined AssistKD, helping to develop the company and its portfolio of services. Our trainers work as consultants and are active members of professional bodies such as the BCS and IIBA. They contribute to industry publications and write books adding to the body of knowledge for their profession. Committed to lifelong learning, they develop their knowledge and skills continually and influence the direction of their specialist disciplines. 

AssistKD has stayed true to its original principles, providing high quality training, apprenticeships and consultancy services to a wide range of customers throughout the UK and internationally. Our portfolio of courses are in subjects where our trainers can draw on their extensive knowledge and experience. We have developed strong relationships with industry specialists who can deliver courses at the same level of quality, extending our training portfolio further. 

Our well-researched, flexible, customer-centric training focuses on the needs of individuals as well as employers. AssistKD's consistently high standards set us apart from our competitors.