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Business Analysis Apprenticeships

In March 2017, following 3 years of development work and submissions to government by a working party comprising members of the BA Manager Forum (BAMF) and AssistKD Directors, the IS Business Analysis Apprenticeship Standard was launched.

AssistKD – a BA specialist

As a specialist training provider within the business analysis field, AssistKD shares the beliefs of many employers that there should be a formal entry point to the BA profession for both school leavers and people moving internally within their organisation.

Once the Standard was approved by government in March 2017, AssistKD made a successful application to operate as a Main Provider. We have then launched schemes with three of the organisations that formed part of the initial working party; Allianz, Aviva and Warner Bros.

We are now working on Apprenticeship Programmes with a broad range of public and private sector organisations and have decided to support only the IS Business Analysis standard. 

Programme Overview

AssistKD has developed an integrated learning package that will provide the basis for achieving the level 4 Apprenticeship over an 18-month period. We envisage that our apprentices will gain 4 and possibly 5 BCS International Diploma Certificates as part of their training programme. The learning and development timetable is challenging yet achievable and provides flexibility for learners of different abilities. Importantly the scheme meets the needs of both internal candidates and school leavers (A-level). The programme fully meets the requirements of the IS BA Standard and allows organisations to tailor elements of the learning content to suit their specific operating environment.  

The programme includes:  

  • Formal course attendance (4 x 3 day and 1 x 2 day courses – total 14 days)
  • Directed online learning (ongoing availability)
  • Dedicated mentor input and support 
  • Directed self-study and task assignment/review 
  • Deliberate practice
  • Assessment guidance and preparation 

The programme will complement any formal employer training which, when combined, makes-up the required 20% of “off the job” training. 

Our Mentors

The key resource is the mentor who is assigned to support the apprentice. From our pool of trainers, we have carefully chosen mentors who:  

  • Provide recognised expertise within the BA profession. This is based on successful delivery in practitioner roles and is underpinned by ongoing professional study and research
  • Have a proven track record of training delivery and working with young learners
  • Will normally have BA management experience and/or be BCS oral examiners 
  • Are members of the BA Manager Forum 

Like all our trainers, AssistKD’s mentors are DBS checked and adhere to our Safeguarding and Prevent policies.

Next Steps

We work with all potential apprentice employers to assess the practicalities of supporting any scheme. As a first-step it is useful for us to understand;  

  • The level of in-house professional support that is available to the apprentice
  • How we can jointly achieve the 20% off-the-job learning requirement
  • Likely timescales for engagement
  • Apprentice numbers and location

Once chosen as a provider we will agree the final content of the programme to be delivered and make the necessary contractual agreements.

Useful Links

The below links provide more general information for employers.

Apprentice Welfare

The welfare of apprentices is central to our support offering. Any support package is tailored to the specific needs of the individual apprentice.      

Safeguarding and prevention considerations underpin all of our work. We also provide the necessary support to raise social awareness and fulfil longer term career aspirations.

The Business Analysis Apprenticeship scheme is providing opportunities for a range of people to take significant steps into a new career. We see school leavers and experienced staff alike progressing through the scheme. Click here to read our apprentice success stories.

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