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BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

To gain the Diploma in Business Analysis, candidates must pass four one-hour written examinations on a number of business analysis topics, each of which leads to a certificate which has value in its own right. To convert their set of certificates into the Diploma, candidates then attend an interview with two BCS examiners to confirm their technical, business and interpersonal competencies. The structure of the diploma is as follows:

Core Modules

There are two core modules in the Diploma, which all candidates must attain. These modules may be gained in any order.

Knowledge-based Specialist Modules

Candidates must choose one "knowledge-based" module and one "practitioner" module to complete their set of certificates. Which they choose will depend on their own background and preferences (business versus technical, for example), what their organisation requires and the nature of their current roles. Knowledge-based:

This module provides a broad introduction to the scope and interpretation of business analysis.

This module stresses the need to align IT with business, implementing business changes that deliver benefits to the organisation. It should appeal to analysts whose work is primarily concerned with delivering business change through IT solutions.

Most business analysis takes place within the project environment. This module introduces the principles of project management within a specific IT context and should appeal to those working on projects where IT is part of the proposed solution.


This module provides more detailed coverage of the techniques for business process improvement.

This module is suited to business analysts who need a good understanding of systems development.

This module provides a more detailed knowledge of the techniques used in modelling IT systems. The techniques covered on this module are those from the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

This module explores the issues concerned with the delivery of successful business change solutions, including the user acceptance and benefits management.

This module provides our customers with the skills and techniques to implement an industry standard best practice approach to data management.



Our Business Analysis Diploma oral preparation workshop prepares you for the oral examination.

Oral Examination

The oral examination lasts for approximately 50 minutes and the candidate is required to demonstrate that they can put the competencies gained in the written examinations into a coherent context. Each candidate must also demonstrate the interpersonal skills required to function effectively as a business analyst. To check availability or to book an oral examination please contact us.

Video Summary

AssistKD's Chris Martin explores the background and the content of the popular BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

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