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Online Learning

Assist online learning is a comprehensive online learning platform, allowing students to take business analysis courses at their own pace, from any location. The courses combine detailed content and guidance with questions written by experienced BCS examiners, preparing students thoroughly for the BCS certification examinations. 

Are your ready for a unique, engaging learning experience? Please find our list of online learning courses below, simply click on the course names for more details. 

Customer Reviews

"I highly recommend AssistKD’s BCS Business Analysis online learning programme.  The content of the online learning courses really is excellent and I could not have felt more prepared when I took each of my 4 exams.  To add to that, the friendly and helpful online learning team were always quick to respond to any requests or questions.  I’ve very much enjoyed completing the courses and I’ll be looking at what else I can study with AssistKD in the future!" - Mickila Travis

"AssistKD’s courses are very good and the company is really supportive. They are prompt with replies, very helpful and knowledgeable. It really comes across that they want to help you succeed.” - Tracey Hardaker

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