Free webinars hosted by AssistKD or attended by members of our team. Enjoy interesting discussions by panels of experts on a wide range of business analysis and business change topics.

Beyond Assumptions: Charting a Course to Clearer Service Design

This fascinating and informative webinar, chaired by Andrew Morris of IRM UK, brings together a panel of Service Design experts to discuss the current state of play and the future of Service Design.  

With thanks to panellists Chris Brain, Jonathan Hunsley and Pip Hall.  

Topics discussed include:  

✔️ Defining Service Design and the current state of play.

✔️ The argument for Service Design - the benefits to users and service providers.

✔️ The four thinking approaches underpinning Service Design.

✔️ The key drivers behind Service design - including accelerating digital change, changing customer expectations and a competitive market.

✔️ New professional recognition, credibility and the new qualification.

✔️ The distinction between product and service.

✔️ How to take those first steps on your Service Design journey.

✔️ Insights (from personal experience) into the successful implementation of Service Design, and the challenges.

Near the end of the webinar, Chris Brain recommends the book Good Services by Louise Downe.  

If you are interested in the new Service Designer qualification, and the courses run by AssistKD you can find more information here. 

Business Analysis - What is it and Why is it Important?

In this webinar, AssistKD’s Service Development Director Jonathan Hunsley talks about the origins of business analysis, the service and value proposition of the BA role and the BA Service Framework. Jonathan then discusses the following BA models in detail: the business change lifecycle; VMOST analysis; GAP analysis and the Requirements Framework.

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Service Design Webinar 1: Roles, personas and customer journeys: challenges and misconceptions

Service Design is customer-centric and requires effective analysis of different customer types and their points of engagement. This #ServiceDesignCommunity lunch and learn session led by AssistKD’s Jonathan Hunsley covered key techniques from the A4Q Service Design Certification scheme that are used to explore the customer perspective. The session format combined input with a panel discussion and Q+A.

Business Analysis Careers Panel: How to get in, how to progress, and what next?

In this #BACommunity Webinar hosted by Adrian Reed, our very own Dr Debra Paul and Lawrence Darvill were joined by David Beckham (Senior Business Analyst, Aviva) and Christina Lovelock (BA Practice Lead at the University of Leeds) for a panel discussion covering the tricky topic of BA Careers.

Business Analysis and Systems Analysis: Closely Connected or Miles Apart?

On 15th August AssistKD’s Debbie Paul participated in a webinar, hosted by Adrian Reed, Blackmetric, on the topic of “Business Analysis and Systems Analysis: Closely Connected or Miles Apart?” with Stefan Bossuwe, and Craig Jeffries.

The purpose of this discussion is, as the title suggests, to look at the combination of business analysis and customer experience and how they can be used to create a positive customer experience for your organisation.

To help us dive into this subject we are very fortunate to have an exceptionally experienced panel join us for this session. Our first panellist is Dr Debbie Paul who is the Managing Director of Assist Knowledge Development. Debbie is a regular speaker at business seminars and co-authored the best-selling BCS publication, ‘Business Analysis’. Our second panellist is Jonathan Hunsley who is a Principal Consultant at Assist Knowledge Development. Jonathan is an experienced business analysis and business architecture consultant and trainer. Our third panellist is Sandra Leek who is a highly experienced business analyst and 2014’s BA of the Year.

The Human Touch - Debra Paul

Debra Paul was interviewed by Penny Pullan (of Making projects work) for her BA Summit 2012 on the subject of the Human Touch - covering a variety of topics including negotiation skills from a BA standpoint. If you want to find out more about the Human Touch check out Debra's book here