Service Design is an exciting new field which encompasses value co-creation at every step of the change journey. This human-centred, iterative approach incorporates design thinking, customer experience analysis and business service design.  

The job of a service designer, or the change practitioner applying service design skills, is to analyse services holistically and to design and improve an organisation’s services, systems and processes to better meet the needs of the customer and stakeholders.

AssistKD’s service design courses are for any change professional who wants to gain service design expertise and future-proof their toolkit. These courses will enable you to:

  • build a portfolio of must-have service design skills and techniques;  
  • gain a better understanding of the customer experience, mapping the customer journey across all platforms to build a better understanding of the value proposition from a customer viewpoint;
  • gain recognised service design certifications;
    analyse your business service offering, looking at services, systems and processes from a customer perspective; 
  • use innovative design thinking techniques to unlock insights and transform your business service.


Become a Service Designer

Are you interested in becoming an A4Q Certified Service Designer? Our Business Service Design course, Design Thinking course and CX Analysis course are the core modules that, together with one elective module, lead to the new qualification.

To help candidates achieve the qualification, AssistKD now offers a Certified Service Designer passport for a discounted price of £3,595+VAT. This passport includes the 4 courses and 4 exams required to become an A4Q Certified Service Designer.


certified Service Designer scheme

Want to study towards this Diploma?

Systems Design Techniques

AssistKD’s Passport scheme allows you to purchase 4 qualifying courses and accompanying certificate exams at a substantially discounted price.