Measuring BA performance draft white paper

When assessing aspects of Business Analyst (BA) performance, well embedded frameworks are available to support the assessment and development of skills and behaviours (e.g., SFIA Plus, IIBA). Similarly robust methodologies exist to support the assessment of successful project outcomes (e.g., Prince2, PMI). However, there appear few reliable sources of information to support the assessment and measurement of BA outputs.

A recent survey of approximately 100 companies conducted by the BA Managers Forum (BAMF) found that, whilst all organisations conduct some degree of performance measurement for employee BAs, fewer than 40% of respondents include metrics relating to BA outputs as part of their measurement. For contractor BAs, fewer than 10% of companies set any kind of performance target to which the contractor is held to account.

This paper aims to provide a core set of metrics that can be used to assess the effectiveness of individual BAs, whether employed or contract. The measures are designed to reflect best practice among practicing BA managers and are intended to be a starting point to be used with organisational-wide performance management frameworks.

To read the full White Paper, please download the PDF below.

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