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Business Service Design

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    Duration: 3 days

    Price: Virtual - £1095+VAT
    London - £1295+VAT

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    Virtual Classroom
Who is this course for?

This course is relevant for change professionals who are interested in enabling effective service design. This includes anyone involved in defining, governing or managing change initiatives including enterprise architects, portfolio, programme and project managers, business change managers, business analysts, business designers and product owners.

About the course

This Business Service Design course provides an insight into the philosophies, concepts and techniques encompassed within systems thinking, service thinking, design thinking and lean thinking, Collectively, these thinking approaches are used to enable effective service design and enhance organisational innovation.

How is the course structured?
  • Introduction to Business Service Design
  • Systems Thinking
  • Service Thinking (part 1)
  • Service Thinking (part 2)
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Thinking
  • Organisational Agility
  • Course recap and close
Course manual

For virtual courses a printed copy of the latest edition of the comprehensive course manual will be sent to your home address in good time for the start of your course. Our delegates tell us that having access to a physical document is beneficial as both a reference document and for taking notes during the course. In addition, a link will be emailed to you to enable you to access an electronic copy of the same comprehensive manual for convenient future reference.

Anything else?

Attendees who complete the course are awarded an AssistKD Course Completion Certificate: Business Service Design.

Full course outline

Introduction to Business Service Design

  • Rationale for business service design
  • Thinking approaches
    • Systems thinking
    • Service thinking
    • Design thinking
    • Lean thinking
  • Business service design and business strategy

Systems Thinking

  • Classes of system
  • Characteristics of systems
    • Emergent properties
    • Underlying rationale
  • Reductionist vs systems thinking
  • Adaptive systems
  • Holistic view
    • People, Organisation, Processes, Information and Technology
    • Business Model Canvas

Service Thinking

  • Service science
  • Goods-dominant logic
    • Service-dominant logic
    • Definition of service
    • Service, value propositions and customer experience
    • Co-creation of value
    • Service ecosystems
  • Service blueprints
    • Value streams

Design Thinking

  • Framework for design thinking
  • Design thinking in context
  • Design thinking double diamond
    • Divergent thinking
    • Convergent thinking
  • Design thinking techniques
  • Customer centricity
    • Customer empathy mapping
    • Customer journey mapping
    • Service blueprint

Lean Thinking

  • Quality management
    • Quality control and quality assurance
    • SIPOC
    • Kaizen
  • Identification of waste (Muda)
    • 5 whys
  • Identification of overburden (Muri)
    • Utilisation, load and capacity
  • Identification of unevenness (Mura)
    • Visual management
    • WIP
  • Lean improvement lifecycles
    • PDCA
    • PDSA
    • DMAIC

Organisation Agility

  • Domains of agility
  • Elements of organisational agility
    • Mindset
    • Motivation
    • Customer-focus
    • Capability
  • Organisational culture
    • The organisational iceberg
    • The cultural web

Customer Reviews

“This course enabled us to properly understand the four thinking approaches for effective Business Service Design and in particular the importance of service dominant logic and how customer value is realised through co-creation. The instructor did a great job bringing the material to life in a virtual environment and making everyone feel included. The pace and timings were spot on and the trainer was very knowledgeable.” - DVLA

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Presenters for this course

Jonathan Hunsley
Jonathan Hunsley