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Design Thinking

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    Duration: 3 days

    Price: Virtual - £1095+VAT

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Who is this course for?

Business analysts, business service designers, user researchers, project leaders, product owners, business change managers and anyone involved in transformational change projects.

About the course

Design Thinking offers a way of investigating and addressing organisational challenges with a view to developing innovative and relevant solutions. The AssistKD Design Thinking course provides a comprehensive introduction to Design Thinking, covering the underlying principles, frameworks and techniques.

The course offers practical guidance on the essence of Design Thinking and the work practices it involves. Throughout the course, delegates are encouraged to discuss the core Design Thinking principles, features and techniques and to apply them to a range of different scenarios.

How is the course structured?
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Fundamental Design Thinking Practices
  • Design Thinking Approache
  • Design Thinking Techniques
    • Discover stage
    • Define stage
    • Develop stage
    • Deliver stage
  • Design Thinking Techniques
  • Generic techniques
  • Implementing Design Thinking
Course manual

A course manual containing guidance on applying Design Thinking is provided to anyone attending the course. This manual is provided in print form and may also be accessed online.

Is there an exam?

Coming soon.

What’s next?

The Design Thinking course forms part of a Business Service Designer training programme. This programme includes courses on Business Service Design and Customer Experience Analysis. It is also recommended that anyone wishing to progress their learning in this important area, attends training in Business Change Consultancy and Business Service Architecture.

Full course outline

Design Thinking (a three-day course)

Course Content

Introduction to Design Thinking

  • The nature and characteristics of Design Thinking
  • The rationale for Design Thinking
  • The six core elements of the Design Thinking mindset:

Fundamental Design Thinking Practices

  • The core Design Thinking practices:  
    • Empathy and perspective analysis
    • Research and investigation
    • Divergent and convergent thinking
    • Experimentation and prototyping
    • Visualisation
    • Validation
    • Assumption identification and testing
    • Iteration and continuous learning

Design Thinking Approaches

  • The Design Council approach
    • The Design Council 3 H 
    • The structure and stages of the Double Diamond
  • The d.School 5 stage approach (Stanford)
    • The stages of the d.School 5 stage approach
  • The design thinking macro and micro processes
    • Problem space
      • Macro process: Empathise, Define
      • Micro process: Analyse, Model, Evaluate
    • Solution space
      • Macro process: Ideate, Prototype, Test
      • Micro process: Think, Make, Check

Design Thinking Techniques

  • The structure and application of core Design Thinking techniques using within the stages of the Double Diamond.
    • Discover: Service safari; Empathy map 
    • Define: Customer journey map; Problem framing 
    • Develop: Service blueprint; Assumption reversal 
    • Deliver: High and low fidelity prototyping; Feedback capture grid; A/B testing 
  • Generic Design Thinking techniques: Brainstorming and brainwriting; Focus groups; User role and persona analysis; Storyboarding

Implementing Design Thinking

  • Organisational culture and Design Thinking
  • The elements of the Culture Pyramid
  • The cultural aspects that may inhibit or enable the use of Design Thinking
  • The use of POPIT™ to support the implementation of Design Thinking

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Jonathan Hunsley
Jonathan Hunsley
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