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BA and CX – an essential combination for success


The purpose of this discussion is, as the title suggests, to look at the combination of business analysis and customer experience and how they can be used to create a positive customer experience for your organisation.

To help us dive into this subject we are very fortunate to have an exceptionally experienced panel join us for this session. Our first panellist is Dr Debbie Paul who is the Managing Director of Assist Knowledge Development. Debbie is a regular speaker at business seminars and co-authored the best-selling BCS publication, ‘Business Analysis’. Our second panellist is Jonathan Hunsley who is a Principal Consultant at Assist Knowledge Development. Jonathan is an experienced business analysis and business architecture consultant and trainer. Our third panellist is Sandra Leek who is a highly experienced business analyst and 2014’s BA of the Year.


The Human Touch - Debra Paul 

Debra Paul was interviewed by Penny Pullan (of Making projects work) for her BA Summit 2012 on the subject of the Human Touch - covering a variety of topics including negotiation skills from a BA standpoint. If you want to find out more about the Human Touch check out Debra's book here