Forum events are open to anyone with management or leadership responsibility for business analysis in their organisation.

Since 2009 AssistKD has supported and sponsored the BA Manager Forum (BAMF). A highly respected professional body, BAMF helped to develop the International Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis, co-ordinated employer efforts to launch the Level 4 Apprenticeship in Business Analysis and is the awarding body for the Expert BA Award.

Regular Events for BA Leaders

Over 100 BA Managers attend regular BAMF events where they:

  • engage with and network with their peers
  • participate in workshops and presentations, sharing knowledge and best practice;
  • develop a common understanding of the (relatively new) BA Manager role;
  • work together to advance the BA profession.

Easy-to-Download Business Analysis Resources

We did not realise until we counted, but the BA Manager Forum has now generated output from close to 100 presentations and workshops, across a wide range of BA leadership topics. These downloadable resources include white papers, webinars, session slides, presentation notes and workshop output with many ‘ready-to-use’ sessions.

For ease of accessibility, we have moved the BAMF content to this dedicated area of the AssistKD Learning Zone, where it will be updated after every Forum event. There’s something for everyone, we hope you find the resources useful.

Please find the BAMF output organised by topic, below. Or, if you are looking for something specific, click here to search all content by keyword.

If you would welcome more information on the BA Manager Forum and/or wish to attend future events, please e-mail with your details. Forum events are open to anyone with management or leadership responsibility for business analysis in their organisation.

Output from BAMF November 2023

BA Manager Forum Survey 2023

Through late 2023 BA Managers were invited to complete a short survey aimed at providing an insight to the responsibilities, recognition and remuneration of the BA leader role in the UK. The results provide some useful benchmarks for those in the role. Highlights can be viewed here

BAMF survey 2023 Infographic presentation


Measuring Service Performance

The purpose of this workshop was to review and update the BAMF white paper “Measuring BA Performance”, first published in 2015. It examined the increased emphasis on service delivery and customer centricity, and the impact this has on the tangible and less tangible measures of BA Service performance. Attendees considered different types of performance measurements and their relevance to individual BA services.

How to Transition into Service Design

BAs developing service design capability and adding service design tools and techniques to their toolkit isn't as far-fetched as you might imagine. This workshop provided a useful insights into transitioning from a pure BA role into service design with a case study example of just how service design can be exercised in practical terms. Attendees were introduced to elements of the service design toolkit and provided with practical take aways.

Change and Narrative

Whether you are leading your own team or selling change to any audience, mastering the tools of story is a must in our narrative-driven world. This fascinating workshop explored the techniques that make great TV drama work, applying the power of influential storytelling to the challenges BA leaders face every day.

Team Resourcing

This workshop discussed the team resourcing challenges faced and the strategy and tactics employed by NFU Mutual during a period of significant change. The session included consideration of; team roles, external recruitment, third party support and the merits of growing your own.


In this workshop, attendees were encouraged to identify points in an organisation’s lifecycle where disorder can be unwittingly introduced through change initiatives. The ability to recognise or even predict these moments and eliminate ‘disordered thinking’ is a key skill that transforms BAs from simply ‘doing requirements’ into managing organisational change.