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Business Analysis Diploma – Oral Preparation Workshop

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    Course Details:

    Duration: 1 days

    Price: Virtual: £425 + VAT

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Who is this course for?

Business Analysts who have completed their two core and two specialist modules and want to be fully prepared for their BCS Business Analysis Oral exam.

About the course

Passing the BCS Oral Examination is the final step towards gaining your BCS Diploma in Business Analysis. The 50-minute exam will see you being interviewed by two BCS oral examiners as they evaluate whether you can put all of the techniques you’ve learned from your certificate modules into an overall context and prove that you’ve gained the analytical and interpersonal skills needed to be awarded the diploma.

This Oral Preparation workshop has been designed to help you do just that. You’ll have the opportunity to review the core and specialist modules you’ve taken and prepare for what the examiners might ask you by practising some sample oral questions.

The workshop is hosted by one of our senior trainers shown below. Your trainer will also have experience of conducting BCS Oral exams.

How is the course structured?

To give you more of an idea of what you’ll learn and how the course will help you, here’s a quick guide to the day.

  • Business analysis principles
  • Business analysis techniques
  • Business case development
  • Requirements definition
  • Requirements management and documentations
  • Knowledge-based specialism
  • Practitioner specialism
  • Questions round-robin
Course manual

You’ll also be given a comprehensive revision pack which explains what examiners are looking for, how to prepare for the exam and some sample questions and tips on the topics that might be covered as part of the specialist modules. 

For virtual workshops the revision pack will be sent to your home address in good time for the start of your workshop. Our delegates tell us that having access to a physical document is beneficial as both a reference document and for taking notes during the workshop.

In addition, a link will be emailed to you to enable you to access an electronic copy of the same comprehensive manual for convenient future reference.

Is there an exam?

No. Not at the end of this day. But we recommend that candidates schedule their BCS Oral exam to take place at least three weeks after the workshop to give them enough time to revise.

We also offer a mock exam which is an ideal practice run for the BA Oral Exam read more here.

What’s next?

The next and final step is the BCS Business Analysis Diploma Oral examination. Once you’ve passed this exam you will have gained your International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Full course outline

BCS Business Analysis Diploma - Oral Examination Preparation Workshop (a one-day course)

Course Content

The context for business analysis

  • The rationale for business analysis
  • Sectors of the economy
  • Business environment analysis
  • Legal framework for business analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business performance measurement
  • Business change lifecycle

Business analysis techniques

  • Investigating and documenting business situations
  • Stakeholders and perspectives
  • Business activity modelling
  • Business events and business rules
  • Gap analysis

Business case

  • Rationale for making a business case
  • Contents of a business case
  • Options
  • The financial case
  • Investment appraisal techniques
  • Risk / impact analysis
  • Lifecycle for the business case

Requirements definition

  • Rationale for requirements engineering
  • Elicitation techniques and their relevance
  • Rationale and approach for requirements analysis
  • Rationale and approach for requirements negotiation
  • Rationale and approach for requirements validation

Requirements management and documentation

  • Rationale and approach for requirements management
  • Traceability
  • Change and version control
  • Types of requirements
  • Documenting requirements
  • Rationale for modelling requirements
  • Approach to modelling processing and data

Selected knowledge-based specialist module

  • Relevance of specialist module to the business analyst
  • Taking a holistic view
  • Competencies of a BA
  • Professionalism and business analysis
  • Lifecycle relevant to the BA and the specialism

Selected practitioner specialism

  • Relevance to role and responsibilities of the business analyst
  • Description and application of techniques and / or approaches from specialist module

Practice questions

At the end of the workshop the trainer, who is always an experienced oral examiner, provides participants with practice in handling the types of questions that they will face in the oral examination and gives feedback on the participants’ answers and presentation.

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Customer Reviews

“Really good facilities. Fantastic trainer – brought everything to life with examples and stories.” Emma Langmead

“Great day – very informative and the Trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly and interactive.” Rebecca South

“Another first class trainer from AssistKD. Thanks for an excellent session, I now know what my revision should focus on and have a better understanding of how all the modules tie together.” Duncan Bates

"Really enjoyed today and found it extremely useful! Thanks!" - Rebecca Clifton

“I really think this course is extremely useful. I think my chances of passing have now been increased” Brian Rayner

“Thanks to the Trainer not only do I feel more confident about the content, but I am more positive about the exam itself.” Gemma Donnelly

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