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Business Analysis Advanced Diploma Passport

To help candidates achieve the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis, AssistKD now offers an Advanced Passport for a discounted price of £3,895+VAT. This passport includes the 4 courses and 4 exams required to gain the Advanced Diploma. 

Delegates need to attend at least 1 module from each of the 3 sections below, and then a 4th module from either the Business section or the Analytical section.

AssistKD also offer candidate support services which can be purchased at the same time as your Advanced Passport.

One you’ve clicked on your chosen option you’ll be taken to the next screen where you can submit your credit card details and purchase the passport online. Within 24 hours of receiving your payment one of our customer services team will contact you to discuss your course plans.

You will get:


Course from Business

  • Benefits Planning and Realisation (3-day course including exam)
  • Business Analysis Service Delivery (3-day course including exam)
  • Business Finance (3-day course including exam)

Course from Analytical

  • Agile Business Analysis (3-day course including exam)
  • Data Analysis (2-day course including exam)
  • Business Architecture (3-day course including exam)
  • Advanced Requirements Analysis (3-day course including exam)

Course from People

  • Stakeholder Engagement (2-day course including exam)
  • Team Leadership (3-day course including exam)

Course from Business or Analytical 

Choose a 4th course from the previous Business or Analytical categories.



1 place on Candidate Support Services

for just £375+VAT.

If additonal options are available for purchase, use the drop
down to select the option you want, not all passports will
contain additional options. Prices will vary from original
depending on options chosen.


AssistKD Customer Services will contact you regarding dates.

To book or discuss your Passport

Customer Reviews

“The Advanced BA diploma is the next logical step for an inspiring BA.  As it provides a selection of modules, I could pick what matched the business need and my own aspirations to add real value. I highly recommend it as well as AssistKD, who provide the highest quality trainers and course content.  It helps they co-authored it!"

 Will Bevan