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Home » News » Article » AssistKD offers careers guidance at BGL BA event
AssistKD offers careers guidance at BGL BA event
AssistKD News Editor

Last week AssistKD Director, Lawrence Darvill visited the BGL Group to offer his views on what it takes to enjoy a successful career in Business Analysis. Lawrence’s background is in BA Recruitment and he ended his talk on Career Planning with the following advice for anyone embarking on a career in our profession.

  • Consider the wider context to your role and where you might be positioned
  • Assess the character of your role. Are you a translator or trusted adviser? 
  • Make clear plans on your future career
  • Assess your skills mix and range of skills. Skill development can support your career plans. 
  • Keep pace with certification. It provides the wider insights and knowledge to enhance your skillset.  
  • Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and take risks to solve business problems. 
  • Consider your personal branding.  
  • Take time to identify your career sweet spot
  • Use your BA role as a platform for other careers. 

If you would like to view the talk please visit knowledge-hub/videos

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